Coupe-Utility: A History

Have you ever wanted the driving feel of a car with the utility of a truck? If you’re like most people, you’ve never desired this. But through history, there have been some points where automakers didn’t care, and made this odd combo anyway. Vehicles like the Ford Ranchero, Subaru BRAT, and the best known of this … Continue reading Coupe-Utility: A History

Ford Ranger GT – The Original Sport Pickup

In 1972, with gas prices on the rise, and efficient Japanese cars taking over the American market, Ford decided to introduce a small pickup to compete with the Datsun 620 and the Toyota Hilux. Ford threw some parts together and introduced the Courier. The Courier was similar to the Chevy LUV in the sense that … Continue reading Ford Ranger GT – The Original Sport Pickup

The Mercedes-Benz Lineup Explained

Chances are, if you happen to be looking at luxury vehicles, you have undoubtedly looked at a Mercedes-Benz. For most, their lineup is quite confusing. So while I am on vacation, here is a quick explanation. I shall explain it in simple rules. #1: Pay Attention to the main letter The main characteristic of Mercedes … Continue reading The Mercedes-Benz Lineup Explained

Why I Hate Everyday Modern Cars

In the 90s, car culture was insane, Pontiac was working with McLaren, Dodge was trying to kill their customers with their Viper, which had no stability control, no traction control, no ABS, and a light rear end, with a lot of power going to those rear wheels. NOT TO MENTION THE SIDE EXIT EXHAUSTS BURNED … Continue reading Why I Hate Everyday Modern Cars

Why Older Cars are Better Styled than New Cars

Yes, I’m aware this claim might ruffle a few feathers. I also know that to some, this isn’t an outlandish claim. Anyway, today, I want to look at the old and new versions of a few cars today to support my claim. Now before I start, it’s important to accept that styling is the most … Continue reading Why Older Cars are Better Styled than New Cars

Group N: The Other Rally League

If you consider yourself a WRC expert, there's probably two rally divisions you've heard of: Group A and Group B. Group A was known for purpose-built racing cars. Group B required a minimum of 2500 units be sold to the public but the racing versions could have some slight modifications. Then we come to Group … Continue reading Group N: The Other Rally League

The Honda Civic Coupe is a Modern Integra

If you trace the lineage of the Acura Integra, you might cross by the Acura RSX of the 2000s but then, the line stops. People might argue it continues with the ILX and they wouldn't be completely wrong, the ILX does share a platform with the Civic, just like the Integra and RSX, but it … Continue reading The Honda Civic Coupe is a Modern Integra